we expect to find in a garden of eden “Wacamaya” in ARUBA.

Dearest Anita, We had such a wonderful time. Your condo is everything you explained. So comfortable, very well decorated, and convenient. I happened to see the condo next door because of an outage they had in their condo. I did mention your condo name,#and how very easy it was to rent with you.. I don’t want to send you a photo of me with the Burns as I feel asleep in the sun. I did find a sunscreen with 85% Again thank you and I will consider you condo and recommend it.. God Bless.
Hi Anita and Dave

Just wanted to tell you both what a pleasurable experience it has been meeting you. Anita, even during course of communicating to organize the condo rentalyou were a queen of charm and professionalism, you just made whole process easy and uncomplicated. Wacamaya was everything it is described to be on the rental site. That was such a relief because in past have been disappointed many times when complex doesn’t live up to its description. Wacamaya is what a vacation should always be, comfortable, relaxing and it definitely has a ” HOME ” feeling.
We loved the first week getting around on foot and bus everywhere. Condo is perfectly situated only a 10 minute walk to high rise beach near Marriot, and second week with the car rental gave us a chance to visit so many other attractions that were a little distance away.

Anita, you are a true sweetheart. I have witnessed how your kindness has no limits, not only do you move heaven and earth to make your condo renters as comfortable and happy as possible but I have seen how wide your kindness spreads when you actually went out of your way to help a renter who rented from another owner who was not available at that time, by lending her your own personal hairdryer. Wacamaya is a true gem and anyone lucky enought to rent there will get the lucky bonus of having to deal with Anita and Dave “rare gems”. What else would we expect to find in a garden of eden “Wacamaya” in ARUBA.

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