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December 12, 2021
Breezy Tradewinds.  Clear Skies.  Bright Sunshine.  Tropical Climate.  40 Unique Beaches.  Rugged coastline.  Desert environment.  Smiles.  Laughter.  Activities for All Age Groups. Why would you not want to Visit Aruba ?
Airport:  Queen Beatrix International Airport
Capital and Main Port:  Oranjestad
Population:  107,000 inhabitants
Official Languages:  Dutch and Papiamento
Currency:  Aruban Florin.  US dollar widely accepted
Size:  20 miles (32 kms) long and 6 miles (10 kms) across the widest point
Location:  18 miles north of Venezuela and 620 miles west from the main Lesser Antilles region
Ownership:  Aruba is an independent island country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 1986.
Aruba, Bonaire and  Curacao constitute the ABC islands
Highest Point:  Mount Jamanota rises 188 meters (617’) about sea level.  Located in Aruba’s National Park
Geography:  Hooiberg (translates from Dutch to English to haystack) is a volcanic formation near Santa Cruz.  662 concrete steps up.
Provides a striking panoramic view of the island.  Visible from virtually anywhere on the island.
Hurricanes:  Aruba lies outside the Hurricane Alley of the Caribbean
Wacamaya Apartments and Surfside Villas are located 1/2 mile from Palm Beach.
Two large, spacious one bedroom apartments (6A and 14B) are located at Wacamaya Apts.,
5D/5E Rooi Santo, Noord, Aruba.  Located across from the Ting Wei Supermarket.
The oversized luxurious studio apartment is located at our private residence in Surfside Villas,
Opal, Aruba near the Aruba Tennis and Racquet Club.
This area of the island is very desirable and in close proximity to many famed beaches, grocery stores,
award winning restaurants, watersport activity centers, championship golf course, spa and fitness centre and high rise hotels and casinos.
Aruba is about living your best life surrounded by salty air and turquoise seas.  Plunge in….Whether your preference is to relax lounging on a beach or
sundeck while sipping a refreshing cocktail, embraced in the arms of a loved one while watching a romantic sunset or experiencing new sensations in Aruba’s
blue waters… MUCH to do.  Let me name a few:  Jet ski, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Kayaking, Tubing, Kiteboarding, Paddleboarding,
Parasailing, and Catamaran adventures.  And let’s not forget land excursions:  ATV, Skydiving, Hiking, Sightseeing (The California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Ayo and
Casibari Rock Formaitons, Guadirikiri Caves and Aruba Natural Bridge).

December, 21 2021,

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Aruba’s Expands US Departure Hall

Aruba’s airport has seen an increase in passenger traffic during the years, and the airport is responding by expanding the building with a new project called “Gateway 2030”.

Gateway 2030 is an expansion project of the airport, which includes adding new gates, removing various steps inside the check-in halls, new facilities, more restaurants and bars, and several new upgrades.

Construction works for project gateway 2030 have already started.

According to the CEO of Aruba’s Airport, the current construction is at phase 1-A at the moment, which is expected to finish in 2024.

Project Gateway 2030 is expected to cost $140 million dollars.

The expansion of Aruba’s Airport doesn’t only cater to visitors but also creates local job employment for over 300+ Arubans.

If construction works continue as planned, the airport will have a completely new look as of 2024.

Phase 1-A of construction includes but is not limited to the expansion of the current US departure’s check-in hall to twice its current size.

The current baggage hall area will also be completely renovated with modern technology.

According to the Tourism Minister – “the new baggage hall will feature one of the best luggage conveyor belt” technology has to offer.

Project gateway 2030 and its new airport innovations will also give travelers one of the best Airport experiences in the Caribbean.



January 22, 2022,

Aruba is waiting for you!!
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Feb, 05 2022,



No. 1: Eagle Beach – Aruba. Aruba’s widest beach is also one of its most spectacular, thanks to its blindingly white sand,
warm Caribbean waters and some of the island’s most famous (and photographed) fofoti trees.